Care Management
Planning for the future


As we age, we often face age-related challenges and opportunities.

Those caring for aging relatives often experience similar challenges, and, while some may live nearby, many are providing care, managing finances, and accessing services from afar.

Stefanie Sinks Geriatric Care Management partners with you and your loved ones to assist in guiding you through these experiences. Emphasizing strengths, a trained and experienced geriatric care manager will work with you to find solutions that can lead to greater fulfillment and continued independence.


A professional geriatric care manager is an individual who is educated and trained in a human service field, often social work and/or nursing, and who provides services to older adults, care partners, and others in the community to assist in navigating the aging journey. A professional geriatric care manager is, ideally, licensed in their field, and is a member of the Aging Life Care Association™ (ALCA™).

Services provided by a professional geriatric care manager often include, but are not limited to, assessment and consultation, planning for the future, problem-solving, accessing legal and financial resources, coordinating community support services such as home care, transportation, assisted living, and more, as well as providing education, ongoing monitoring, advocacy, and counseling.

Examples of when a professional geriatric care manager can help.

  • “My parents live in their own home just outside of Ann Arbor, but all of their children live out-of-state.  There is nobody in close proximity to help with medical appointments and/or in case of an emergency.”

  • “My wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and I am completely overwhelmed.  I can’t handle the demands by myself, and I don’t want to burden my children.”

  • “Why do people talk about getting older as ‘the golden years’?  There’s nothing ‘golden’ about them.  I’m so depressed and anxious.”

  • “My husband recently died, and I don’t know how to manage the finances.  I have no idea where the important documents are, and I don’t know where to turn for help.”

  • “My mother and I do not have a close relationship, but I still worry about her safety and well-being.  She won’t let me help, but I need to know that someone is looking in on her.”

  • “I know that we need to begin the process of downsizing, but we just don’t know where to begin.”

  • “My father is experiencing a serious decline in his health and cognition, but my mother won’t accept help.”

  • “My folks are both very healthy, and we want to support their independence for as long as possible.  We all agree that they need to begin working with professionals who specialize in caring for older adults, but don’t know who to call.”